Nothing But Tesla Coils, The Open Road, And Salesforce1


I had been sending emails to thank those who had volunteered for a series of focus groups that we were planning. It was fantastic that our customers were willing to give us a small piece of their time to share with us what they do, and how they do it. How could I ever thank them enough?

Well, that morning, I got my chance.

It was a crisp Saturday morning in the city of Rochester NY and my wife Kalene and I were heading to the RMSC to see a fantastic musical Tesla Coil show. I was pumped to see the inventions of one of history’s greatest minds move electricity through the air making instant contact with it’s intended destination, and in so doing, making lovely music. 
While Kalene was navigating corners, I felt a vibration in my pocket and heard a familiar sound. I pulled out my phone to find a friendly request from one of our customers. It seemed that there was, in fact, a way I could thank her. She had submitted two support cases earlier, and was looking for an update on those.
Since I don’t work on our support team, and was not at my desk, my initial thought was to say that I could check in with them on Monday morning, painting the message with an absurd amount of smiley faces in an attempt to simulate actual helpfulness. I was on the road, to see Tesla Coils sing, with no idea what her support tickets might be; what else could I do?
As I began to type an emoticon smattered email, a thought hit me like a bolt of lightning. I realized what I was holding in my hand. With a smile and a tap, I had opened the Salesforce1 app (iOS/Android) and was greeted with a friendly search bar. I typed in the customer’s name, and within a few seconds, her support cases moved through the air with instant contact with their intended destination; my phone. With a few taps and scrolls I was able to understand the customer’s request and post to the feed for each to get an update for her.

Salesforce facilitates customer success from anywhere at anytime; like when you’re in a moving car, whizzing through slippery streets toward ~800 volts of flying electricity.
Within 5 minutes, I was able to respond to the customer’s email and give her updates on her cases; now that was pretty neat. The Salesforce1 app really showed off it’s skills, and let me tell you; the Tesla Coils were equally as stunning.

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