Person Accounts – One Tab For All Constituent Interactions

Person Accounts – One Tab For All Constituent Interactions

There are many reasons that Professional and Trade Associations should select a Salesforce based Association Management System (AMS) that uses the standard Salesforce person accounts model.
Nimble AMS uses the Salesforce Person Accounts model and we were recently asked to document some of the advantages.  The example below illustrates one of the many compelling advantages of Person Accounts.

Associations Work with Organizations and People

Professional Associations are made up primarily of individual members but may deal with organizations that are associate members. A trade association’s members are organizations, and at the same time most of their interactions are still with individuals.

Bottom Line:  Most Professional and Trade Associations Deal with Individuals AND Organizations
The person account model was built by Salesforce to enable the business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business transactions.

One Accounts Tab for Individuals and Organizations

Using the Salesforce Person Accounts model, Nimble AMS has one Account tab for both Individuals and Organizations:
Salesforce has a powerful List View feature that lets users create views to work with directly from module tabs.  For example, an organization could have a List View in Accounts to show highly engaged members (notice that Acme is an organization and Matt Rist is an individual): ​
If Person Accounts were not used, a user would have to create similar List Views in both the contact and account modules and could not see them in the same tab.

What If You Do Want To Just See Individual Records?

Sometimes your staff may want to work with just individuals or just organizations – then what?  It is as simple as creating a listview specifically for that record type.  For example the new view below will just show Individuals:
Click Save and only the Individuals will show:

Summary of Advantages of Using Person Accounts to have one place for all Members

Person accounts give the user a much easier paradigm for viewing records; both organizational and individual records appear in a single accounts tab.  With person accounts users have one central place to have complete visibility to ALL constituent records. This is significantly easier than of only looking at organizations in the account tab and only individuals in the contact tab.

Having one area for all constituents has a number of advantages including:

  1. Association staff goes to one place for all account (both Individual and Organization) interactions
  2. List Views in the Account are can be a mix of both Organization and Individual records.  For example – all member records in New York.

One tab for all constituent interactions is just one of a myriad of reasons that Nimble AMS uses the person accounts model.  For more information on Salesforce Person Accounts see these posts from our blog:

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