Positive Energy and Excitement Through Better Association Management Software

One of the most memorable and touching moments of NimblePalooza 2013 was a session entitled “Live the Nimble Life” where attendees shared tips on being more Nimble as well as what they are grateful for.
A user made this comment when expressing gratitude for the implementation of Nimble AMS at their association:
“Its OK to have Ideas Again”
With the old system new ideas were shelved because the old Association Management System could not handle them or it was too expensive to implement anything new.  It lead to a beat down and demoralizing work environment.

After the implementation of Nimble AMS the Executive Director of the organization sent her a note that said (in part):
“When I walk into your department I feel an energy and excitement that I have not seen in a long time”
Is your dinosaur AMS  bringing new ideas to a halt (7 signs that your AMS may be a Dinoasaur)?  Life is too short to use cumbersome, ineffective tools – take the first step to a more positive Association Management Software by contacting us.

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