Pow! Kaboom! Bam! Salesforce makes you a superhero!

It may sound strange, but there are days that I feel like a superhero because of Salesforce.  POW!  KABOOM!  BAM!  I think everyone would like an AMS (association management system) that made them feel like Batman or Wonder Woman.
Nimble AMS fueled by Salesforce gives you that BANG!  These KAPOW features can be huge in scale like the game changing Chatter (if you have not heard of Chatter, check it out now … it will make your cape go aflutter).  Or they can be small things that still deliver the BOOM.  Here are a few simple features in Salesforce that I recently showed an association that deliver some ZOINK.  These features can change a normal staff person into an association staff superhero.

  • Inline Editing – This tool allows users to quickly change field values on a record or records, saving the user from having to access the record’s edit page.  Using a list view, a user can see a wider variety of account data and update specific fields on the fly.  These updates can be for a single record or by selecting multiple records, they can mass update an entire group of records at once.  Please click herefor more details on inline editing in Salesforce.
  • Report Scheduling – For me, this is one of the coolest tools on my utility belt.  Every user that has access to reports also has the ability to schedule their own report jobs.  You know the drill … Your boss asks you to pull this report and email it to the team every week.  That report is your kryptonite.  With a tool like this, you build the report once and have it scheduled to automatically be delivered to you, your boss, and the entire team.  Can you image the staff utilization gains by this superpower?  Please click here for more details on scheduling reports in Salesforce.
  • Account Merging – I was recently at an association in Washington DC where one of the biggest issues the staff mentioned was managing duplicate account records.  With their current system (a non cloud based AMS), it is difficult and cumbersome to merge duplicate account records.  The merge tool they have is a difficult to use add-on module.  Not really the best thing to empower the staff to clean up duplicates themselves.  With Salesforce, the empowerment superpower is fully enabled.  Salesforce is delivered out of the box with a simple merge account wizard that lets staff merge accounts immediately when they are identified.  Please click here for more details on merging accounts in Salesforce.
These are just three simple WHAMM features I showed association staff recently.  Nimble AMS and Salesforce have tons of these in their utility belt.  Maybe you can find your inner superhero by using Nimble AMS and Salesforce!  Put some KAPOW in how you are managing your members.

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