Principle Soup (yum!)

OK, I admit it, I’m a principle geek. In this topsy-turvy world, I cling to developer manifestos and self-help principles like flotsam and jetsam in a flood zone. The Agile Manifesto, the Scrum Guide, the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship – all help me through the day.

Ahh, but if it were only the guides and manifestos … On the way, I’m passing through a gauntlet of Nine Habits, Four Agreements, Six Values, and Two Affirmations.

Nine Habits

It’s no secret that I’m a follower of Brother Stephen Covey and the Nine Habits.

  • Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, and put first things first.
  • Seek first to understand and then to be understood, think win-win, and synergize!
  • Sharpen the saw, teach the habits, and retrospect.

Four Agreements

At NimbleUser, we observe the Four Agreements.

  • Be impeccable with your word, and always do your best.
  • Don’t make assumptions, and don’t take anything personally.

Six Values

Along with the Agreements, there are our very own six NimbleUser values.

  • Practice continuous improvement, enjoy the ride, and think long term.
  • Be humble, empower the customer, and exceed expectations.

While it may seem like principle soup (yum!), I find each set has its own strengths and applications.

  • Iterative. The Nine Habits create a mobius workflow and mesh well with working in agile iterations.
  • Collaborative. The Four Agreements are an excellent foundation for collaborating with co-workers.
  • Customer-centric. The Six Values guide how we can best serve our customers.

Two Affirmations

And if that’s not enough, I find two affirmations especially meaningful to me, personally.

  • What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.
  • You must be the change you want to see in the world.

So that’s me, how about you? Do you lead what Covey called a principle-driven life? What principles help you through trying times?

Ted Husted is a Kaizen Squad developer on the Nimble AMS product crew. “We make the good changes that create a great product.”

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