Recap of Heroku’s Waza Conference

I just came back from Heroku’s Waza developer conference and I have to say it was an awesome experience.  

Waza is the Japanese word for art and technique.  

And the theme of the conference was around blending art and technique and how it applies to developing software.  Art and technique with software?  Yeah, it’s not typically what come to mind when you think of programming.  But it’s true.  It’s a craft that is honed and worked on by people all over the world.  There are unique styles, common patterns, best practices all of which help great ideas see the light of day (light of computer screen?).

Like any great conference there were inspiring keynote speakers, great sessions, and lots of interesting people to connect with and learn from.  There was also some awesome coffee and I’m a sucker for awesome coffee.  

But the best part of Waza for me was talking and listening to the developers using Heroku.  Everybody I interacted with was happily using Heroku.  There were start up companies, more established ones, people creating websites, other’s doing integrations with a wide variety of things.  They were all happy and had a passionate story to tell.

I didn’t hear a single negative thing the entire day.  Not one.  How cool is that?  

Does that mean that people aren’t experiences any problems on Heroku?  Not at all.  In fact, there was a decent blip on their radar a few weeks ago.  But they were transparent, owed up to the mistake and also let everybody know what they were doing about it.  Their fast response and openness is one of the reasons there are so many happy people using Heroku.

Here at NimbleUser we continually reassess technology so we can make better decisions on how to help Associations and Nonprofits.  Technology should enable people.  It should make their day to day activities easier.  Technology done right can make people enjoy what they do just a little bit more.  One simple way to assess technology is to just look at those already using it.  Are they happy?  If so, the chances that you’ll be happy too.  

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