Last week, someone asked me how good were the report features were in Nimble AMS. This person was also newer to the Salesforce community, so they were also unfamiliar with the reporting capabilities found natively in Salesforce … the platform Nimble AMS is powered by.  So it got me thinking … how flexible are the reporting options in Nimble AMS?

The answer is VERY.  The reporting options provided in Nimble AMS are extremely flexible.  Nimble AMS gives associations lots and lots of reporting options with easy to use tools to get the data and reporting you need … when you need it.  Here are a few standouts I wanted to share.

  • Report and Dashboard Builder – Nimble AMS harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform effectively through the world class Salesforce report and dashboard tools.  Anyone on staff can build their own reports and dashboards very easily.  These reports are interactive with drag & drop design elements, active links to drill into actual database records for more information, and as well as options to power a dashboard based on your reports.  All directly in the product.
  • Data from Related Objects – In sophisticated databases, you find that many of your reporting needs require data from multiple data sets (ie. you might need registration data from the registration object and event data from the event object – some systems may also call these tables).  The Salesforce platform lets you associate these objects though report types.  Here is a big tip … this is a streamlining process.  Once defined in a report type, you can reuse this report type over and over again in any new report you want to create.
  • VisualForce Reporting – For some of our clients with a higher technical aptitude, VisualForce is another reporting option.  VisualForce is a Salesforce developer tool that can also be used to develop very custom reports that could include custom prompts and parameters as well as other reporting automations.
  • AppExchange – There could still be times where a Nimble AMS customer may still want more.  Maybe they want their data reported on differently or they want a reporting tool that they are more comfortable with.  The Salesforce Appexchange is the solution.  With more than 1840 different apps … you can surely find an app that solves your reporting need or goal.  So if a customer is very knowledgeable about Crystal reports (ie. they have used it for 10 years with their legacy AMS – a common reporting tool used by many in the association industry) … there is an app for that …

So in summary, Nimble AMS brings the reporting to the people that should be doing it … the entire staff.  With all of this reporting freedom, Nimble AMS empowers the entire staff to do reporting like never before.

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