What’s the “return on innovation” from your association management software?

It’s not unusual to think about your association’s technology investments in terms of return on investment (ROI). But have you ever thought about your return on innovation?

Using modern association management software (AMS) can pay big dividends to your association (and your members). Innovative software can also help you stay on track to reach your annual goals, allowing you to reexamine your entire organization, prioritize new opportunities, and increase productivity. 

We’re here to guide you with three practical ways modern technology can help your organization innovate. Read our blog for strategic tips.

3 ways to innovate with modern association management software at your organization 

Consider these benefits a modern association management software (AMS) can offer your organization:

1. Save staff time. When you can reduce the burden of manual tasks on your staff, it means your organization can spend more time serving members and driving revenue.

A modern AMS can help improve your team’s efficiency with these features:

  • Point-and-click configuration. Easily set up process workflows, configure reports and dashboards, and manage other key functionality in your AMS through point-and-click configuration to make your entire staff more efficient.  

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS and Salesforce Flows make it simple for your team to automate complex staff processes, saving valuable time. by automating complex business processes. Without code, staff can specify process criteria to do things like automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks – all in a few simple steps.

  • Automation. A modern AMS allows you to automate staff processes, save time, and direct effort toward higher value work. Search for an AMS that offers the following solutions so your association can free up staff time and improve the member experience:
    • Chatbots, point-and-click integrations, streamlined member communications, and SOQL data searches.  

With the right AMS, your association can automate everything from email communications and membership renewal processes to member service. You can leverage chatbots to provide immediate responses 24/7 to free up staff time, ensuring a great member experience. 

TECH TIP: Leverage Nimble AMS to automate complex processes, allowing to focus on offering an excellent member experience. Nimble AMS includes three exclusive tools—Nimble Create, Fuse, and Query to offer quality member content and connect your entire organization. With Nimble AMS, set up a chatbot with no coding required.

The American Society for the Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) chose Nimble AMS and Salesforce to streamline staff processes and save time. By leveraging the Salesforce platform, ASSH automated hundreds of processes and saved countless staff hours.

2. Improved member retention. A modern AMS can do more than just save staff time (as if that weren’t enough!). Did you know that 9% of lapsed association members simply forgot to renew? A simple yet powerful way to address this issue is to automate more membership processes, like encouraging your members to automatically renew their membership. You can also consider leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to personalize the membership experience, gathering data to provide customized content for your members.

The Marine Corps Association & Foundation (MCA&F) used Nimble AMS predictions and Salesforce Einstein AI to improve member retention. Using AI predictions, MCA&F identified a pool of members who were at high risk of lapsing and created a solution to renew 25% of the high-risk members.

3. Modern e-commerce. A modern AMS can also help you drive non-dues revenue at your organization. With modern e-commerce solutions like predictive analytics and process automation, you can guide members to additional products and services that meet their needs and drive more revenue for your organization.  

TECH TIP: With the Nimble AMS Lightning Store, you’ll have access to the Lightning Cross Sell recommendations feature, allowing your staff to highlight related products on your e-commerce site. When a customer selects a product, they’ll see a personalized list of similar items available to purchase. Activate Lightning Cross Sell to help your association boost the member experience and drive revenue.

Take the next step

Your ability to embrace the latest technology and see a return on innovation in the future depends heavily on which AMS you use. Choose Nimble AMS to exceed your goals, boost your ROI, and enhance your member experience. Become an innovative association when you adopt Nimble AMS. 

Increase your organization's return on innovation

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