What’s the “return on innovation” from your association management software?

It’s not unusual to think about your association’s technology investments in terms of return on investment (ROI). But, do you think about return on innovation? Using modern membership management software can pay big dividends to your association (and your members).

Consider these practical ways that technology innovation delivered through a modern association management software (AMS) system can benefit your organization:

Time savings

Any time you can reduce the burden of manual tasks from your staff means your organization can spend more time serving members and driving revenue. Here are two ways that a modern AMS system can help improve your team’s efficiency:

Point-and-click configuration

The ability to set up process workflows, configure reports and dashboards, and manage other key functionality in your AMS through point-and-click configuration makes your entire staff more efficient.

Nimble AMS allows your staff to save valuable time by automating complex business processes. Without code, your staff can specify process criteria to do things like automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks or submit approval requests – all in a few simple steps.


The ability to automate processes saves your staff time and effort that can be directed toward higher value work. Your association can automate everything from email communications and membership renewal processes to member service.

For example, you can automate aspects of member service, such as answering common questions or renewing a membership, via a chatbot to provide immediate response 24/7 and free up staff time. With chatbots intercepting and answering more straightforward questions, the more complex inquiries can be passed to a live agent, who can take the needed time to assist the member and ensure a great experience.

Using Nimble AMS, you can easily set up chatbots with no coding required.

Improved member retention

Automation can do more than just save staff time (as if that weren’t enough!). For example, Community Brands research has shown that 13 percent of lapsed members simply forgot to renew. A simple yet powerful way to address this issue is to offer an option to automatically renew membership, with the membership fee charged to the member’s credit card.

Why do members leave? How can you win them back?

Maybe it's time to get to know your lapsed members a little better.

Take automation a step further, and you can use artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to predict which members are at highest risk of non-renewal. Then, you can reach out to save them before they leave.

For example, Marine Corps Association & Foundation was seeing about 1,000 lapsed members each month. Using Nimble AMS Prediction Builder – which leverages the AI technology, Salesforce Einstein – the organization implemented a solution that automatically identifies members at high risk of lapsing and presents staff with suggested actions to take to prevent non-renewal.

Nimble AMS allows you to set up this option, with corresponding automated emails that notify members when their membership has been renewed.

Increased non-dues revenue

Predictive analytics and process automation can also help you guide members to additional products and services that meet their needs and drive more revenue for your organization.

For example, much like the familiar Amazon-like shopping experience, you can recommend new product purchases based on past behaviors and “what other members like you purchased”.

Take the next step.

Your ability to embrace the latest technology and see a return on innovation well into the future depends heavily on the AMS you use.

One of the best ways to prepare for and incorporate technology innovations (now and in the future) is to use software like Nimble AMS that offers continuous delivery so the product always includes and supports the latest and greatest features.

It also offers a framework first approach that ensures the software is as adaptable as possible to take advantage of new technology innovations that are surely headed your way.

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