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Let me ask you a question:  Why is it that most people know more about the people that they went to high school with than they know about their co-workers?  Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff asked himself the same thing.  After seeing numerous collaborations occur on the Facebook platform, he decided he wanted to make his application behave that way.
Enter Salesforce Chatter, branded “The Collaboration Cloud”.  It allows for private, secure, cross departmental collaboration within an organization.  Imagine, instead of comment on someone’s photo on your Facebook feed, you’re commenting on the status of an event registration record.  Imagine if, instead of reading through status feeds, you’re reading what your coworkers are working on, and realizing that you have something to add, are able to join the conversation and help your co-workers be more effective.  Imagine if not only are status updates from people showing up in your feed, but important data milestones and alerts as well.
This stuff is no longer in the realm of imagination.  Today Chatter went “GA” or “Generally Available” for all users.  The best part – It doesen’t cost another dime. Chatter is included, a deeply ingrained part of the platform.
When NimbleUser started working with Salesforce, we realized that the platform in was an immensely powerful tool.  It is completely multitenant, everyone shares the same infrastructure and code base.  When updates roll out, they roll out to all 1.7 million users in unison.  Yestereday, Chatter was only available to 500 beta companies and developers.  Today, it is available to all 75,000 organizationns that use Salesforce.  Going above and beyond this, all applications built on the platform also now have Chatter enabled.  
We talked about it before, but now our two AMS offerings have gone social.  Think of what you could do with a fully social, collaborative, Association Management System.  Think of the collaboration you could foster in your organiztion.  Think about the way you could break down departmental silos and enable all of your staff to work as a cohesive unit, tightly integrated and aware of what everybody was doing.  It’s an exciting thought, and technology has now made that possibility a reality.
For a short introduction on Salesforce Chatter, view the video below.  It’s 4 minutes long and does an excellent job explaining the technology:
Thanks everyone for the read!
Garry Polmateer
Certified Salesforce Administrator & Consultant
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