Salesforce – Turning on Joined Reports

The joined reports feature became generally available with the Salesforce Spring 12 release.  It was something I had heard about at Dreamforce and was excited for.  So when I saw it in the Spring 12 release notes I was equally as excited.  But you know how life goes … I forgot about.  That is until yesterday when it was one of the topics at the Rochester NY Salesforce Users Group meeting yesterday.

The session on the joined reports feature was great.  I could immediately see I would be using it to create reports for our products and clients.  I was excited.  But there was one catch … I could not remember seeing the Joined report option in my reports.  Know one at the user group meeting could remember if it was a feature to be turned on, was it a feature that was only accessible by the Salesforce licensing model, or if it was just natively turned on for everyone.  So when I went back to my office I confirmed my thought … I was only seeing the format options for Tabular, Summary, and Matrix.  How could I add Joined to my report format options?

So I went back to the Spring 12 release notes and did a little research.  It turns out that this is a feature that needs to be turned on (for new installations it will be automatically turned on) for existing Salesforce users.  It is super easy to turn on.  Go to Username > Setup > App Setup > Customize > Reports & Dashboards > User Interface Settings.  From there you simply click the Enable button to turn on the Report Builder Upgrade.  With the new Report Builder enabled, you get the Joined format option in your reports.  A piece of cake!
Now with the new Salesforce Report Builder and the power of the Joined report, I can create more complex reports that cross different different sets of data.  As long as there is a common element in each report type, I am able to connect them like never before.  The joined feature is giving me one more tool for creating great reports.

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