Say what? A Google Map Infused AMS!

Over the next few weeks (or months), I want to share with you some of the reasons why Nimble AMS (powered by is going to revolutionize the way associations view their databases.  Each week I want to share with you some of the amazing features, functionality, and capabilities found in Nimble AMS.  If you are familiar with P90X (the founder of NimbleUser is a big fan and has got many of the staff here doing it with him), I want to show you some of the “glamor muscles” of a world class AMS.

To kick off this weekly feature introduction, am going to talk about Google Maps within your AMS.  I wanted something cool and slick but also something that I have not seen in many other databases.  And I am not sure if I have ever seen a Google Map in any other AMS. 

Everyone is familiar with Google Maps or Mapquest.  You use them all the time to help with directions or to find a location.  These maps are great because most people are visual and the maps give you such a great perspective of the location.  But when you are in your traditional AMS, looking at an address is nothing more than seeing an address on an envelope.  ​

Why not take the amazing cloud map technology and infuse your AMS with that power.  What you get is a much more customer centric and user friendly AMS experience.  Now your association staff can not only manage constituent addresses but they can also see the location and hopefully become more engaged with your customers.
All of this is map technology available today.  The beauty of having Nimble AMS powered by Salesforce is that you get access to all of the tools and apps on the Appexchange just like you do with your iPhone.  The Appexchange provides thousands of easy to use and free or low cost apps to enhance your database.  In this case, we simply found a Google Map app for Salesforce that was FREE and very easy to install.  I am not programmer and I was able to get it the app downloaded and deployed on a Nimble AMS database in just a few minutes. 

Can your AMS do that?

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