Simplifying the Technology Budget to Drive Member Benefits

At this time of year, we find many association executives are looking to their IT Managers for the all important budget submission for the upcoming fiscal year. IT Managers put together an extensive wish list, knowing fully that the CFO and Executive Director are going to hack at the request with a blunt butter knife.

As an IT Manager, you are making an impassioned plea to replace some failing hardware, upgrade the server operating system, implement a new firewall, finally upgrade the staff desktop productivity suite, or even replace the antiquated Association Management Software. Meanwhile you have hefty maintenance fees for the servers and software, staff training needs, and consultants promoting the latest fad – maybe you will get that elusive “engagement score” that the membership department has been clamoring for. At the same time staff are bringing their own devices to work – mobile phones, tablets, and more – and forcing you to reconsider your VPN strategy and don’t forget that the website traffic increase is pushing up your bandwidth requirements.

The Executive Director pushes back on the escalating costs of your infrastructure and keeps suggesting that IT needs to do more with a predictable budget year over year.

IT Directors are being asked to do more with less. There is a better way

Add it up and the costs of your on-premise system are far deeper than just the upfront licensing and implementation costs. The hidden costs, not frequently considered in the selection process, include hardware support, operating system and database upgrades, annual maintenance fees, security and business continuity costs, and the elusive consulting engagement to do those upgrades. Let’s not forget the opportunity cost of not having access to the latest features and functions that could drive the timely success of your organization!
Wouldn’t it be simpler if all this was consolidated into a single payment that was easy to forecast year after year? Of course it would. That’s why IT Managers, CFOs, and Executive Directors are all making the switch to SaaS-based solutions like Nimble AMS, built on the platform.

Your Nimble AMS annual license fee includes access to your data in the Salesforce cloud; security, backup, and network infrastructure, OS, and database licensing; access to first line product support by phone, email, or through our website; and three upgrades annually to the platform and the Nimble AMS application.

Take the guesswork out of your budget while providing your staff the latest tools that they need to drive member engagement. Let’s talk about how we can simplify your budget.

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