SmartThoughts Review of Nimble AMS

SmartThoughts, a software advisement and consulting firm dedicated to the nonprofit space, recently reviewed Nimble Association Management Software (Nimble AMS). SmartThoughts helps nonprofit clients in the software selection process, focused on finding the right solution to meet client goals, budget and address business issues.
Here is a highlight of this review, posted on October 13th, 2014:

“In my opinion, there are many things to like about Nimble AMS including the aspects described above, however, likely the most compelling difference is the company itself. NimbleUser, the creator of Nimble AMS, has more than 21 years of Association Management software experience.  It brings to the proverbial table, a wealth of insights and expertise in dealing with the day in and day out challenges of running a well tuned machine. In conversations with their team, they seem to foster a culture and commitment to helping organizations succeed. Their tag line may summarize the essence of their spirit best, “lf you don’t love your association software, change it. Life’s short. Be Nimble”.

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