How to take your association’s online advocacy efforts to next level

Your organization does much to advocate for industry issues—petitioning local and federal level politicians to generate support for association-backed programs. Member advocates are the backbone of your campaigns and the heart of your advocacy program.

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3 Tips to elevate your association’s online advocacy efforts

Follow these strategies to address any pain points in your organization’s advocacy program and virtually shoutout your advocates’ ongoing efforts:  

1. Get social. Equip your advocates with the tools they need to be successful in their social media presence. Provide association-branded social media assets to ensure your advocates are prepared to post on your program’s behalf. Some examples of social media assets can include images, videos, photos, hashtags, and thought leadership topic ideas. 

As you train your advocates, consider including a section on social media and how you expect your members to use it to advance advocacy efforts. For example, perhaps once a month you want advocates to take over your social media channels to update your members on your latest advocacy efforts.

2. Leverage your online community. Set your advocates up in your online community platform with a specific advocacy sub-group. Within the subgroup, encourage your members to discuss current policies or share important documents to increase member engagement.

Consider creating another group in your online community to post updates about your advocacy program efforts. Shout out your advocates so all members can be aware of their work and ongoing efforts. Highlight any upcoming policies your advocates are working on.

3. Make online expectations clear. As you train your advocates, ensure they understand what your association’s expectations are for online engagement. Map out advocate roles and responsibilities so they understand their place in the program. Consider discussing what type of advocacy the member will be doing, for example, events or webinars, online advocacy, peer-to-peer, or legislation.

Creating online advocate guidelines can be helpful as you train your recruits and provide a vital reference for advocates who have been in your program for a long time. Advocates can return to your guidelines if they have any questions or encounter new situations.

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