The Salesforce Platform Is One With Nimble AMS


Nimble AMS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application built on the Salesforce platform to manage professional and trade associations.  

The Salesforce platform is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) for building and running cloud based applications (in our case, Nimble AMS).  

Lets take a look at the two major components of the Salesforce platform; Salesforce1 and

One platform to build anything and connect to everything.


Salesforce started as strictly a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to automate the lead to order process (often referred to as Sales Force Automation or SFA) for companies.

Over the years Salesforce evolved to encompass a myriad of cloud services.  This evolution has in part been fueled by acquisitions (ExactTarget, Buddy Media, Radian6, etc). 

Salesforce1 unifies all of these cloud services.  Think of it as a mobile-friendly, API-rich wrapper around everything offers.  Every action that you can do from within Salesforce, from a chatter post to adding accounts, now has a API and method call behind it.  In addition almost everything in Salesforce can be accessed thru the Salesforce1 native mobile app.  ​

Picture is a set of tools and services commonly needed for any business application that enable developers to create on the Salesforce1 Platform. Code and configuration combine to meet the specific business requirements beyond the scope of CRM.

Why Did NimbleUser Choose to Develop Nimble AMS on Salesforce?

Yesterday Salesforce performed 2.2 Billion transactions and completed each of them in about a two tenths of a second!  Traditional on-premise cannot come close to that kind of performance.   

Salesforce is truly a cloud-based solution delivering scalability, fault-tolerance, and infrastructure that legacy AMS vendors simply cannot replicate. The other vendor “cloud” solutions are no more sophisticated than putting your existing server in a rack in a data center. By comparison, the Salesforce cloud used by over 140,000 companies and organizations is constantly monitored and tuned to meet the highest performance standards and to protect your data.

Salesforce Spent $627 Million on R&D last year and every 
Nimble AMS customer benefits from this investment.


The Salesforce platform empowers Nimble AMS customers to service their members and execute their mission in innovative ways that were never before possible.

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