Top 10 Reasons To Attend Dreamforce 2012

The other night I was reading tweets about Dreamforce (#DF12) and started to think about all of the different reasons why I can’t wait to go.  Before I knew it, all of my fingers were full and I had my top 10 reasons.  Here are a few thoughts I had on the possible work and personal reasons for attending the legendary Dreamsforce conference this September.

Reasons you tell your boss

10. Jump start your Salesforce education and certification
9.Hearing and seeing how similar sized organizations are using Salesforce
8.Proven ROI on attending
7.Live action AppExchange at Cloud Expo
6.Learning things that you can put into action immediately
5.360 degree networking with your peers – face to face, Chatter, Twitter, Facebook, and more
4.Seeing things that you have not even dreamed possible
3.Talking about Salesforce non-stop for 4 days
2.Unparalleled learning opportunities with over 650 breakout sessions
1.Engaging with the worlds #1 innovators

Reasons you tell yourself

10.Seeing your picture come up when they scan your badge for a session
9.Having your picture taken with Chatty or Sassy
8.Seeing your Chatter posts on the jumbotron before the keynotes
7.Feeling like everyone at Salesforce knows you personally
6.Getting some fresh brewed Blue Bottle Coffee
5.Restocking your Salesforce t-shirt wardrobe
4.Chatting with @DarthGarry (Garry Polmateer) over a beer
3.Talking about Salesforce non-stop for 4 days
2.Rocking out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers
1.Seeing greatness first hand at the keynotes

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