CIOs: Ask Yourself This Selfish Question


If you want to spend the next decade learning and becoming an expert in a dead end platform that may be used (best case) by a few hundred associations?
Or would you rather be learning state of the art skills on a platform used by literally hundreds of thousands of customers (in the case of Salesforce, 150,000+ customers and 24,000+ non-profits)?  

                                Your salary and career options will be significantly better
                                   if you have experience with an enterprise platform.

Bonus Question:  Do you think having a modern, fully mobile, state of the art AMS built on a true enterprise platform will help you get and retain a top-notch workforce? You bet it will! And millennials (who will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025) expect their work systems to be as good or better than what they see in their personal apps.

Consider These 3 Facts When Selecting Your Next AMS Platform:


1. Enterprise Platforms Will Rule the Association Marketplace (Just Like They Do In The Fortune 500).  
The days are numbered for association technology vendors that are not built on enterprise class platforms from huge, deep pocketed providers like Salesforce. Think of it this way: The largest AMS vendor is about a $60 million company – that is every single dollar they take in. ​By contrast, Salesforce will spend almost a Billion Dollars ($946M to be exact) on just R&D this year. There is no way a one-off / proprietary AMS platform can ever keep up with innovation that this type of investment delivers.

2. A Modern Platform Can Move IT From Break/Fix to Strategist
Do you want to be in the never ending break / fix cycle of upgrades, patches, and hardware replacement or do you want to leverage your knowledge to help strategically move your organization forward through technology? An enterprise platform will free IT from the mundane to deliver strategic value to your organization and its members.

3. The Shift is Already Happening.
At NimbleUser, we have seen a huge shift in who we are competing against. More and more we are competing with other CRM based platforms. Frequently the legacy players are not even at the table. The modern association CIO gets enterprise cloud computing and the power that these platforms bring and is not even considering anything else.​

Your Platform Decision Is A Big One And Will Be Instrumental in the Success or Failure of Your Organization.


In your Association’s Race For Relevance you will need to “invest heavily into using technology to attract and service the most creative and valuable members of their membership”. The foundation of this investment is the platform that AMS in built on. Choose wisely.

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