Validation Rules Rock!

When you have an association management solution (AMS), you want this system to ROCK!  When you ask if the system can do this or do that, you want the answer to always be YES!  Ultimately, you need this system to do everything for you.  Your association puts everything in your AMS and you want everything to easily come out of it.  You truly need the AMS to be the rockstar of your association.
One way that you can help your AMS rock is thru easy to deploy validation rules.  Validation rules are formulas or expressions that can be defined in Nimble AMS and Salesforce that ensure that the data being entered meets the standards that your association specifies before it can be saved.  In a nutshell, these validation rules improve the quality of your data.  By improving the data quality going into your AMS makes all areas of your AMS better … better viewing and management of members as well as better reporting.
The real kicker here … validation rules are a standard feature that comes with Nimble AMS and Salesforce.  You just have to figure out your rules and deploy them.  The process to create and deploy validation rules is fairly simple for a system administrator.  Click here for a page that gives full detailed steps to create a validation rule.  You can also click here for a page that gives a handful of validation rule examples.  I recently used one of these examples for a client.  This association collects annual revenue.  This demographic is used to calculate their annual dues based on a formula.  So the annual revenue demographic was a required field and it had to follow a certain set of data entry rules.
I was able to easily deploy a validation rule on their annual revenue field to ensure that the data entry would meet their specifically defined rules and requirements.  A simple validation rule like this can have huge data processing and account management implications across the entire association.  These are the things you want in your AMS to make it ROCK!

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