Warrior Dash and NimbleUser’s Salesforce as an AMS

Back in August,  team NimbleUser participated in the Warrior Dash.  The Warrior Dash website (www.warriordash.com) bills the event as “A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell.  This fierce running series is held on the most challenging and rugged terrain across the globe.   Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with kick-ass music, beer and warrior helmets”.
When we got to the starting coral and I looked up at the mountain we were going to have to run up it was obvious that we were in for a monumental effort right from the get go and it was going to be a slog.  It took most of us about 20 minutes of all out effort to run up the ski hill.  Once we got up there we were faced with a series of obstacles that were interlaced with some (thankfully) flat areas to have an (somewhat) easier run.  
The hardest part was now behind us and we started to make our way running down the mountain where we jumped through fire and crawled on our hands an knees through a barbed wire laced mud pit.  10 seconds later the finished line was crossed and we were handed the spoils of victory; high-fives from teammates, a hard earned warrior dash medal, bananas and water.  After that we washed the mud and enjoyed the beer and barbecue.
As I reflected on the race I saw so many similarities to what NimbleUser has done in the Association arena.  Four years ago we had a vision of building an AMS on the Salesforce platform, and, like the initial run up the mountain in the dash, team NimbleUser had to slog through considerable work to get to the top where we faced even more obstacles. Our developers (code warriors), consultants (subject matter warriors) and business analysts (process warriors) spent many long days and some weekends working to bring this to market. 
Fast forward to 2011 where our team “jumped the fire” and launched our first two implementations.  No medals or bananas but tremendous satisfaction that the Nimble Warriors were able to deliver what had never been delivered before; Fortune 500 CRM power with world class AMS features. 
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