Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Member Expectations and Association Technology

We recently uncovered technology drives member loyalty. This nugget came from our 2017 Community Brands Digital Member Study, which revealed a strong correlation between loyalty and technology. Members who see their organization as an early technology adopter are significantly more satisfied with their membership and feel more connected to their organization.
The study also found:

  • Member satisfaction increases 23 percent when members view their organization as an early technology adopter.
  • 83 percent of members are using their smartphone daily.
Knowing technology adoption and usage are at the forefront of the member experience, how can associations better align their technology strategies with what members are expecting?
Be one of the first to find out this Thursday, May 17, during our live webinar. Register here!
Sig VanDamme, Membership Software Evangelist, and Peggy Smith, Director of Product Marketing, will dig into the key findings to help you learn:

  • How to better align technology with experiences your members care about.
  • The role of mobile-first technology for delivering messages and content. If you haven’t had a chance to read the study, you can check out this helpful infographic to get up to speed quickly on highlights of the study.
About the Community Brands Digital Member Study: Community Brands surveyed more than 1,000 association members and 400 association staff representatives to examine the gaps that exist between member expectations and association technology. We also wanted to look towards the future to better understand the importance of emerging technologies and how members would like to engage with their professional membership organizations. Access the full study here.

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