Recently ASI released iMIS version 15.2.  Many of our clients have been seeing the marketing that ASI has out promoting the 15.2 version, and there are a number of worthy fixes and enhancements in this release.

Aside from the fixes, there is also new functionality for the web.  This new functionality requires some explaining from the perspective of iMIS clients already using iMIS eCommerce because it is a completely new approach to that function from ASI.

First, the idea is a good one.  The 15.2 eCommerce functionality allows for a more fluid experience by not using the older methodology of having modules be sections of the website.  Rather you can pull in various iParts onto the pages of the site where ever you think is best.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are already using iMIS Public Views or another eCommerce product:

  • You must use the ASI product  wCM for your web site Content Management, at least the eCommerce portion of the site.  While this is sometimes an okay idea, many of our clients prefer to use best of breed CMS systems for their Web sites.  If that is the case, adding wCM to the mix with iParts is just not feasible. 
  • There is lots of promotion around the additional “social” features of Facebook, Twitter, buttons for promoting content outward.  This functionality is really some buttons on the pages, which are generally included these days in modern sites.  And upgrading to get this functionality is just not necessary. 
  • If you are already using Public Views, you would need to have a completely new implementation of eCommerce.  There is no upgrade from Public Views to the iParts version. 
  • There are some basic functions available in Public Views that are not yet available in the 15.2 iparts Web product that many of our clients use including:
    • Register Guests 
    • Use stored procedure pricing for events

So our take on the 15.2 release right now is:

   1. Wait and see, for a bit anyway.  Generally we like to recommend new versions after about 3 to 6 months of real use.  Let the folks that really need the fixes go for it.
   2. For your web eCommerce, it is likely that the iParts would be good for new iMIS clients that do not already have an investment in Public Views.  If you are ready for an eCommerce overhall, see my point one above and give it some time before embarking. 

If you have been considering iMIS 15.2 feel free to contact NimbleUser  to discuss your options.  And post any questions you have right here on this blog!