Why Associations Should Attend Dreamforce

The facts are simple. There are a TON of associations and nonprofits use Salesforce. There are approximately 12,000 organizations using Salesforce today. They could be using Salesforce directly through a Foundation grant. Or they can be using amazing apps tailored specifically to association/nonprofit functionality … such as Nimble AMS. And there are probably many more organizations that are considering making a switch to Salesforce and apps like Nimble AMS.
If you are an association or nonprofit employee that uses Salesforce and apps like Nimble AMS, you should consider attending this falls premier Salesforce event … Dreamforce.  Dreamforce is a mashup of innovation, users group, social, training, trade show, and fun like you have never ever seen before at a conference.What would you expect from the most innovative company in the world?  A world class learning bonanza.

Dreamforce is a great event for both new or seasoned users where you can go to end user, administrator, and program level sessions … giving you immediate takeaways that you can bring back to your office and deploy.It is also an unbelievable experience for associations/nonprofits considering making the move to Salesforce and/or Nimble AMS.  In one spot you can get exposure to the innovative machine of Salesforce and the vastly expandable AppExchange with the massive trade show on how you can extend your Salesforce experience.

Mark your calendar now for Dreamforce – November 18-21, 2013.
Register now (registration opened TODAY).
Here are even more reasons and justifications to attend Dreamforce.
Everyone at Nimble AMS can’t wait to see you in San Francisco this November!

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