Why I Started NimbleUser

Twenty years ago (May 21st, 1992 to be exact) I left a very good job at a Fortune 500 company to start NimbleUser (formerly VanDamme Associates). By nature I am a change agent and, while I liked the company I worked for, it was very difficult to create change due to the immense size of the company, the bureaucracy and, unfortunately, a status quo attitude that seemed to be everywhere.  I was very attracted to the association technology world because I saw a real need and I felt that associations make a real and positive change in this world.
It was quite a scramble in the beginning and I remember having to help a contractor friend roof houses and doing other odd jobs just to make ends meet.   I was kind of known as the consultant who drove to clients in a truck with his dog Buster.  One night, while working late at an association in Albany, Buster was accidentally locked in their office overnight!  The executive director was quite surprised to see him there in the morning.
While I had no business plan when I first started out, there were two core values that I wanted to concentrate on with NimbleUser: 
Innovation.  There is nothing that cannot be made better.  Period.  At NimbleUser we look for pain points and collaborate on solutions to address them.  More importantly we look at ways to change the industry with ground breaking products like Nimble AMS that has helped organizations to rethink what an AMS actually is.
Customer experience.   When I receive great service, whether at a local restaurant or an online store like Zappos, it makes my day.  At NimbleUser that is our opportunity – to make someone’s day.  It may be through a customer support call where we address an issue or by having features in our product that help someone to do their job better than ever before. 
It has been 20 years and those two values are the foundation of our team, our products and our services.  I recently changed my title to Chief Customer Officer and in 2012 we are putting our highest effort ever into enhancing the experience our customers have with us.  We also continue to add innovative features to Nimble AMS to keep it on the leading edge.  
Thanks for being with us for 20 years; fasten your seatbelts – the next 20 are going to be even better!
Chief Customer Officer & Founder 
Picture of Buster:

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