Your systems, connected


Seamless Connections

Like clockwork. Bring your teams and systems together with powerful integrations to Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

No Development

Power to the administrators. Enable external access to Nimble AMS and Salesforce without writing any code. Point-and-click setup makes your administrator an integration specialist.

Worry-Free Updates

Always improving, never down. Enjoy continuous updates to Nimble AMS and Salesforce without breaking any integrations.

Nimble Fuse

Quick and easy integrations with clicks, not code.

Nimble Fuse features.

Push Data
Push select data from Nimble AMS and Salesforce to third party systems.
Receive Data
​Receive data from third party systems and build it into your processes in Nimble AMS and Salesforce.
Create powerful connections using extensive documentation with integration examples.
Integration APIs
With an API library and classes with helper classes, there’s nothing you can’t integrate.
REST Endpoint
Integrate with a single, easy to use, REST endpoint.
View the details of every transaction with extensive logging features.

Customers Using Nimble Fuse

​The American Foundry Society leveraged Nimble Fuse to integrate their Content Management System and Casting Supplier Directory in less than an hour. All with clicks, not code.