American College of Rheumatology

Uses Nimble AMS Engagements to save time and improve the member experience.


The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) is a professional membership organization committed to improving the care of patients with rheumatic disease and advancing the rheumatology subspecialty.

The professional membership organization had just finished implementing Nimble AMS for membership management when Charles Haws, Senior Specialist of Membership, recognized an opportunity to use a newly released Nimble AMS Engagements feature to streamline one of ACR’s annual processes for members to nominate other members for volunteer awards.

“We didn’t finish the initial implementation of Nimble AMS and say, ‘We’re done’,” Charles said. “We continue to review product release notes to find new ways to apply Nimble AMS functionality to meet our business challenges. Streamlining our volunteer awards nomination process was a top priority, and the Nimble AMS Engagements feature jumped out as the right solution.”

The process involves members submitting a nomination application, which the ACR staff then reviews and compiles for a review body, updates with feedback from the review body, and then reports back to the nominators with a final status. The process had several challenges:

It was highly manual, requiring staff time that could be used on more valuable activities.

ACR ran the application form through an online survey tool, which was not connected with the organization’s membership database, making it difficult to associate some of the survey information with the correct records in the member database. The survey tool also did not allow members to return to the form to make changes.

In the past, the survey tool had corrupted some data in the nomination forms, making it difficult to process the nominations accurately.


In reviewing features for an upcoming release of Nimble AMS, Charles recognized that the Engagements feature provides baseline functionality that ACR could tailor and apply to their specific nomination application process.

“Because of the way the Nimble AMS team builds functionality in the product, I knew we could configure the Engagements feature to address our specific requirements without the need for custom development,” Charles said. “Now that we’ve applied it to our nominations process, I’m seeing the opportunity to configure the same baseline Engagements feature to streamline several of our other processes.”


ACR anticipates multiple benefits from using the Engagements feature for its nomination process:

Time savings – The online nomination form submissions automatically update member records in Nimble AMS, giving the ACR team the data they need to review nominations without having to import data. The streamlined process will allow ACR staffers to spend less time on manual tasks and more time delivering member value.

Improved member experience – Previously, members were unable to go back and review or update their form. Now, the record is stored on the member’s account in Nimble AMS and they can return to the nomination form online to review and update it as needed.

More secure data — Because of the modern functionality and reliability of Nimble AMS and its underlying Salesforce platform, ACR anticipates no longer having to worry about corrupt data from the nomination forms.