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How to be an AI Superhero for your association

The AI superpowers you need to know for your association to succeed.

Learn how your association can move faster with artificial intelligence

Do you ever wish your association had superhero powers to predict the future and better understand what members want?

Using your AI superpower, your association can now move faster than a speeding bullet to delight your members. With your x-ray vision, you can easily see through those business intelligence walls. You won’t need mind control to be able to predict what the next step in your member’s journey will be.

This session is going to cover 5 superpowers your association can leverage with artificial intelligence to optimize your member’s experience while also increasing the association’s revenue.

Hosted by Teri Carden, ReviewMyAMS

Presented by:

  • Sigmund VanDamme, Membership Evangelist, Community Brands
  • Jeff Golembiewski, Director of Product Enablement, Community Brands

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