Create a Successful Revenue Strategy

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Associations are under increasing pressure to stay relevant, maximize engagement and attract and retain members, all the while driving incremental revenue. How will your association create new revenue opportunities and keep the money flowing with ease?

One of the keys to generating non-dues revenue is proactively thinking through your strategy. You need to know where you want your organization to go, how you’ll get there and why you want to achieve the outcome you’re working toward. When you have a successful non-dues revenue strategy in place, you’ll be able to share your vision with stakeholders, engage your team and more efficiently pursue your goals.

How to Generate Revenue for Your Association

Keep some key principles in mind, and you’ll have the tools to begin driving increased revenue for your organization.

1. Utilize AI

Studies indicate that 84% of enterprise executives believe AI will give them a competitive edge in the field. Using AI is a powerful tool when it comes to generating revenue for professional associations and improving customer user experiences. With AI to help manage your operational requirements, you’ll be able to drive increased revenue while handling the needs of your association.

AI also offers predictive tools to help you see where your organization is headed and how you can make adjustments to maximize member engagement and revenue. From creating an automated workflow to using AI for email content, you can find new ways to offer your constituents more. Whatever your needs, you can personalize AI to fit your requirements.

2. Focus on Personalization

When you’re trying to focus on your members, personalization is critical. Associations found that constituents can be 1.9x more likely to purchase based on personalized offers. Consider what types of rewards you could offer your members for completing training courses or contributing in some way to your organization. Perhaps you could offer a discount when they complete a certain number of activities or reach a specific level of engagement with your association.

Whatever benefits you can offer your members, consider reaching out to them based on their demographics, recent activity or interests. Tailor your communication to their needs.

3. Benefit From Cross-Selling

Leverage cross-selling and personalization to meet your constituent’s needs. From providing customized deals to delivering new offers and engagement opportunities based on your members’ interests, you have many options for holistically presenting advantages and offers to them. Give them information on browser history, deals that highlight membership benefits and other perks that will make their experience with you more accessible.

4. Automate Processes

In today’s world, we all have to do more with less. The AMS system can help. You can define tasks, schedule specific processes and build customized workflows. Automation allows you to save significant time for yourself and your team. You can use automation to follow up on past engagement, offer product recommendations and provide other benefits for your constituents.

5. Look Into Extended Solutions

Within the Salesforce ecosystem, you have a wide range of capabilities. You also have access to additional features and extended solutions. Providing trusted resources for your members can help build loyalty and rapport with your constituency. Job boards can also be a highly effective method that offers value to members and helps you drive revenue. Extended solutions can also optimize revenue drivers such as donations management, events planning or auctions.

How Nimble AMS Benefits Your Strategy

Nimble AMS is here to meet your association’s requirements and help you drive revenue with an intuitive management platform. Our webinar walks you through how you can grow revenue and enhance your processes through our system.

During this webinar, Jeff Golembiewski, Director of Product Enablement, explains how Nimble AMS can:

 Predict the member journey with an artificial intelligence-enabled AMS platform like Nimble AMS on Salesforce

  • Seamlessly cross-sell products within Nimble AMS while providing a modern, member experience
  • Boost your revenue through clever automations
  • Leverage an integrated suite of revenue-generating products from Community Brands and the Salesforce AppExchange

Watch the webinar to gain in-depth insights as to how you can leverage Nimble AMS to grow your organization’s revenue.

Watch the on-demand webinar

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