Transcending the Traditional eBook Series

Part 4: Creating a member journey

What does it mean to be an innovative association?

This is part 4 in a 4 part eBook series: Transcending the traditional

The previous three ebooks in this series have focused on the internal organizational changes necessary to embrace an innovative culture. In the final ebook in this series, we’ll discuss how adopting an innovative culture will position associations to delight members by providing concierge-level service.

In many ways, success in adopting concierge-level service hinges on adopting the other three drivers of innovation. When association leaders commit to these changes, they will have the tools they need to create rich member journeys that foster deep loyalty to their organization.

There are many components to providing concierge-level service, but it begins with creating a memorable member journey.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to provide concierge-level service to members
  • What younger generations will be looking for in their experiences with your association
  • How to create rich member journeys that foster deep loyalty to your organization

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