The Nimble AMS Culture

Nimble AMS™ is part of Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software to associations, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and K-12 schools.

Always Innovating

​Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We’re continuously inspired by new ideas, solving problems, and instilling this same innovative spirit in others. We’ve dedicated multiple days each year so our team can experiment with a new idea, try new things, and show off what they’ve done. We know that encouraging curiosity and inquisitiveness keeps us and our customers on the cutting edge.

One Team

​We consider our customers to be part of our team, and believe that working together with them helps us all enjoy the ride together. We support each other, consider each other’s feedback, and encourage each other to innovate. Together, we’re a group of passionate, forward-thinking individuals who are working to move the association world forward.

Open and Honest

NimbleUser’s transparency is key to our inclusive culture which we promote through a company-wide agile methodology, regular employee/manager check-ins, staff meetings, and peer reviews. We use tools that help us gauge employee happiness and enable anyone to provide feedback to leadership about anything, at any time. We believe all voices matter, and when it’s easy to speak up, ideas flow from all levels and departments to our leadership.

Nimble AMS Founders

Sig VanDamme


Dawn VanDamme


​Join the Nimble AMS and Community Brands family. 

Benefits and perks.

Vacation, Sick Time, and Holidays

Earn vacation the longer you're with us, take advantage of sick leave, and enjoy paid time off.


Choose from three healthcare options that fit your lifestyle.

Long-Term Disability

Once part of the team; always a part of the team.

Come Together

Our open workspace encourages team interaction and collaboration. Everyone from our leadership to a brand new Nimbler is accessible and approachable.

Keep it Casual

No suits and ties here. We prefer to be comfortable and relaxed in our everyday attire.

Flexible Work Schedule

Work with your team to find hours that work for your life.

Get Connected

Google Hangouts, G Suite, HipChat—we've got remote technology covered!


Eat Up

We keep our kitchen stocked with fresh fruit for healthy snacking. We also enjoy catered staff meetings. Bon Appetit!

Let Loose

We love to have fun and celebrate everything from Thanksgiving to the start of flip flop weather with barbecues, potlucks, happy hours, and more.