Data Analytics and AI for Associations

Nimble AMS + AI + Analytics = Nimble Intelligence

Your solution to proactive decisions

Are you ready to gain powerful insights to empower your entire organization? Nimble Intelligence, an Artificial Intelligence-powered association analytics solution, enhances standard reporting capabilities and unlocks actionable insights to help you drive member engagement, grow revenue, reach your goals, and more.

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What does Nimble Intelligence data analytics offer my association?

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29% faster time to business insights

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28% increase in productivity

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26% decrease in time required to analyze data

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25% increase in close rate

*Average success metrics according to Salesforce

Discover the advantages of Nimble Intelligence:

Empower your staff

With an AI-powered association analytics and predictions solutions, you can enhance your reporting capabilities and strengthen your entire organization.

Uncover more insights

Using Nimble Intelligence you’ll get immediate access to powerful insights and answer complex reporting needs by transforming and aggregating data from external data sources.

Leverage pre-built dashboards

With our pre-built dashboards you can easily visualize events and fundraising data for quick analysis and action.

Become proactive

Don’t be reactive with your data! Get in front of issues before they happen by using Nimble Intelligence + Nimble Predictions to anticipate member behavior.

Use intelligent recommendations

Drive faster decisions with Nimble Intelligence recommendations, offering valuable guidance on how to approach your members.

Maximize efficiency

Nimble Intelligence is built on Salesforce CRM Analytics, native to Nimble AMS, and built into your everyday workflow to increase staff efficiency.

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“We also worked with the Nimble AMS team to build an AI-driven solution that automatically identifies members at risk of lapsing, and then helps us take quick action to save the memberships. All of this has led to return on our investment sooner than we expected.”

Jaclyn Baird, Director of Membership Services, MCA&F
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Data is about to get a lot easier. Ready for Nimble Intelligence?

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