Nimble AMS exclusive tools to supercharge your operations

Make repetitive, time-consuming tasks a thing of the past: Nimble Create, Nimble Fuse, and Nimble Query elevate the most trusted AMS built on Salesforce, Nimble AMS. The best part, these tools are included free of charge.

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Nimble Create

Create quality content to drive a superior member experience.

Quickly build templates for branded, personalized, and information-rich content to deliver an amazing member experience. Nimble Create allows you to configure and customize member facing documents and communications – with clicks, not code.

With Nimble Create, build content templates that deliver:

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Member centric communications

Automatically pull member data and other details straight from your Nimble AMS system into your content.

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Cohesive member experience

Apply your organization’s brand directly to all your business documents.

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Member focused format

Create personalized documents and templates for branded communications like certificates, invoices, and templated emails.

Add value to your association with Nimble Create by designing personalized digital and printed documents like:

  • Year in review summaries
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Personalized renewal notifications
  • CE certifications
  • Detailed invoices and receipts
  • Donation letters and thank you messages
  • Event itineraries and badges
  • Transactional emails
  • And, so much more
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Nimble Fuse

Nimble Fuse easily connects your teams and systems.

User-friendly point-and-click integrations for busy organizations. Nimble Fuse enables easy integrations that save IT expenses, increase staff efficiency, and keep your organization moving forward.

Nimble Fuse keeps your system running seamlessly:

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Work together, better

Stick with the tools that work for you. Easily connect your teams and systems with powerful integrations to Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

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Encourage innovation

Setup integrations without developer help. Point-and-click setup turns your administrator into an integration specialist. 

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Member focus

Spend IT time and resources on technology projects that improve your member experience, not on connecting your systems.

Case Study

Discover how one association drove cost savings with Nimble Fuse.

The American Foundry Society leveraged Nimble Fuse to integrate their Content Management System and Casting Supplier Directory in less than an hour. All with clicks, not code.

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Nimble Query

Nimble Query puts the power of SOQL in your hands.

Simplify the process of building Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries. Nimble Query lets you examine your data in almost infinite combinations, displaying it in easy-to-understand formats, and use the resulting SOQL query with Nimble AMS and Salesforce customizations.

With Nimble Query boost reporting and data management:

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SOQL Queries made easy

Visual, point-and-click tool enables you to quickly create and edit queries without having to write SOQL query syntax.

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Empower admins

SOQL empowers you to search Salesforce data that is beyond a simple report and without the need for a developer.

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