Nimble AMS exclusive tools to help you with communications, reports, integrations, and data management

Features included at no additional cost

Nimble Create by Nimble AMS Community Brands

Easily build & manage templates for personalized content that delights your members.

Nimble Create is a visual template builder included at no additional cost with Nimble AMS that allows you to easily build templates for branded, personalized, and information-rich content that will help you deliver a stellar member experience. This communication tool allows you to configure and customize the member facing documents and communications you need – with clicks, not code! Better yet?

With Nimble Create, you can build content templates that deliver:

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Personalized, relevant information

Automatically pull member data and other details straight from your Nimble AMS system into your content.

A cohesive member experience

Apply your organization’s brand directly to all your business documents.

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The format your members need

Create personalized documents and templates for branded communications such as certificates, invoices, and templated emails.

Personalized, Branded Emails and Printed Documents

Year in review summary


Personalized invoices and membership renewal notifications


And more

Nimble Fuse by Nimble AMS Community Brands

Quick and easy integrations with clicks, not code.

Nimble Fuse allows your administrators to configure and deploy integrations to your third-party service providers such as email marketing and learning management systems. These easy integrations help decrease IT expenses, increase staff efficiency and keep your organization moving forward.

Nimble Fuse keeps your systems running smoothly with:

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Seamless connections

Like clockwork, bring your teams and systems together with powerful integrations to Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

No development

Power to the administrators. Enable external access to Nimble AMS and Salesforce without writing any code. Point-and-click setup makes your administrator an integration specialist.

Worry-free updates

Always improving, never down. Enjoy continuous updates to Nimble AMS and Salesforce without breaking any integrations.

Case Study

The American Foundry Society leveraged Nimble Fuse to integrate their Content Management System and Casting Supplier Directory in less than an hour. All with clicks, not code.

Nimble Query by Nimble AMS

SOQL Queries made easy

Queries let you filter your Salesforce data for specific information. With Nimble Query, you can examine your data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and use the resulting SOQL query with AppExchange apps like Nimble AMS and Salesforce customizations.

Nimble Query helps you:


Nimble Query includes Query Builder, which is a visual, point-and-click tool which you use to create and edit queries without having to write SOQL query syntax.

Empower admins

Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) is a way to search Salesforce data that is more powerful and useful than a simple report and without the need for a developer.

See what our customers have to say about Nimble AMS

“We’re able to process memberships and run reports so much faster with Nimble AMS. We also worked with the Nimble AMS team to build an AI-driven solution that automatically identifies members at risk of lapsing, and then helps us take quick action to save the memberships. All of this has led to return on our investment sooner than we expected."

Jaclyn Baird, Director of Membership Services, MCA&F

"We have been using Nimble AMS for over three years and it continues to pay dividends. The staff has detailed membership information on one screen and no longer must drill down endlessly, saving time and increasing productivity. Our Executives have dashboards and reports fine-tuned to their needs. The system is always up-to-date, and the updates are painless."

Mike Lakas, VP, Operations and IT, American Foundry Society

“If someone asked me if they should switch to Nimble AMS, I’d tell them to do it in a heartbeat. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my position at NASPA.”

Courtney Patterson, Senior Director, Information Management and Constituent Experience, NASPA

“With Nimble AMS, we now have easier and more reliable access to our member data. We can configure the system to meet our needs. And since it’s cloud-based, with easy product upgrades, we don’t have to worry about maintaining and updating it.”

J. Rex Brown, Director of Information Services, PEI

“Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce, is the foundation for anything we can think of. We’ve been able to automate hundreds of processes, which saves our staff countless hours each day.”

Jake Adler, Chief Technology Officer, ASSH

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