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When you operate an organization, membership management tools are critical to optimizing your processes, boosting efficiency and providing consistent engagement with members. An association management system (AMS) with the right features can handle everything from accounting to member engagement through a seamless, user-friendly platform. You need a vast range of resources and features to address your operational requirements holistically and get the most value out of your AMS.

Advanced analytics are vital for tracking your enterprise’s key metrics and receiving data insights on your association’s performance. When you have in-depth data on your growth, you empower your team to evolve and improve. Automation features are also essential for maximizing your productivity because they reduce manual work and free up staff to focus on other priorities.

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Manage every aspect of your association with the power of  CRM for associations.

Membership Management
Build and track lifelong member relationships with a 360-degree view. Easily work with complex membership structures, handling everything from simple to multi-tiered dues, variable duration, sliding scale with one-time and recurring payments.
Personalized Member Portal and Community
Give members exclusive online access to their membership, event registrations, certifications, affiliations, and account information, including a full eCommerce store.
Continuous Upgrades

Receive continuous, seamless upgrades to Nimble AMS and the Salesforce platform to ensure your team is always using the latest tools.


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Process Automation
Simplify and streamline day-to-day operations with automated workflows that can be rapidly created without infrastructure, software, or code.


Financial Management
Enable faster financial closings with a complete accounts receivable (AR) sub-ledger managing invoicing, cash receipts and other financial transactions, such as deferrals, credits and installment payments.


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Event and Exhibit Management
Manage the planning, logistics, registration, and communication for events. Tools are available to manage registration types, session tracks, pricing, coupons, booth assignment, contract management and more.
Personalized and Branded Communication
Stay in control of member communications by easily building templates for branded, personalized and information-rich content.
Analytics and Personalized Dashboards
Identify opportunities and solve issues before they surface using trusted and powerful analytics and personalized dashboards that help visualize key business metrics and spot trends.
Predictions and Recommendations
Leverage member data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities available through Salesforce Einstein to deliver predictions and recommendations.
Open Platform

Accomplish more by quickly and easily leveraging API’s, and pre-built integrations from partners and apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Nimble AMS 101: Our Features in Action

Associations should look for some key features when evaluating their AMS. First, consider your management structure and evaluate your most crucial needs. What are your priorities for your organization, and what key capabilities do you need from the system? Consider your requirements and determine what is most important.

The best way to streamline your processes is to implement an AMS that can link all your tools to each other. Develop a list of the tools you’ll need to integrate, including your CRM system and member portal. With comprehensive membership dues software, you can optimize your requirements, manage membership engagement and provide benefits for your association. An effective platform for sharing data and seamlessly managing operations across multiple departments allows your entire organization to run more cohesively.

Another essential consideration is how your data will work with a prospective AMS. Ensure that you can keep your data clean and share it across the organization with the right platform and tools.

Nimble AMS combines capabilities to address all your integration requirements, fit your management structure and work with your data management systems. 

Benefits of Nimble AMS Membership Management Software

Our client membership management software provides trusted solutions to address key pain points for organizations. Whatever your requirements or industry, we’re here to develop a solution that matches your applications and works with your current systems.

How can Nimble AMS features serve your association? Our system provides several advantages for associations with your unique requirements:

Seamless upgrades

Upgrades with our AMS are seamless and pain-free to ensure your system keeps working for years and all departments run the same version of the system.

Trusted Client Support

Our dedicated team partners with you to simplify the implementation process and provide ongoing support.

Dependable Application Architecture

We build our products in Salesforce and follow industry best practices to ensure optimal performance for your operations.

Upfront Costs

When you work with us, we make sure you know what to expect, and we give you an honest quote instead of surprising you with additional charges later on.

How Salesforce and Nimble AMS Work Together

Available on the Salesforce platform, Nimble AMS delivers the innovation and reliable performance our clients expect from Salesforce technology. Nimble AMS also releases additional features and improvements tailored to associations’ needs. We launch these updates three times per year. With Nimble AMS, you get a system that can handle your industry’s demands and enable efficient, clean data management.

Salesforce and Nimble AMS deliver configuration, analytics and automation features on an integrated platform to optimize your workflow. Our system will work with your existing processes and current tools to reduce manual work, improve efficiency and optimize data management across your organization. If you’re aiming to increase productivity, you need a software solution and vendor that will help you implement your new AMS with few interruptions to your association’s workflow.

Nimble AMS Case Studies and Testimonials: What Directors Say

Nimble AMS strives to provide trusted services for our clients and maintain exceptional customer support throughout the process. From assessing your requirements to implementing membership management tools, we provide expert assistance from the moment you partner with us. We help you address an extensive range of association management needs to make your processes more manageable.

Our case studies and testimonials show how our AMS features benefit our customers. Explore what some of our clients have to say about our services.

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What Directors Are Saying About Nimble AMS

Earlier this year, we transitioned to a new association management system, Nimble AMS. It’s a robust resource that comes with an app that allows me to access various dashboards at any time, any place. No matter where I’m at, I can track membership numbers, see how many people registered for our annual conference, or view the number of products sold. I’m getting real-time data and no longer need to ping a staff member for these updates.
Stephanie Mercado

CAE, CEO and Executive Director, National Association for Healthcare Quality

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