Nimble AMS Customer Success Stories

Before and after Nimble AMS

What was life like for our association clients and their members before they switched?  And how does every day compare after switching?  See for yourself—Nimble AMS makes an impact. 

Before switching to Nimble AMS…

So many of our associations were doing their work manually, operating across multiple systems, dealing with upgrade breaks and workarounds, spending time looking for data, not engaging with their members, and let’s be real – working inefficiently.

Did the manual processes work? No. Here’s what associations had to say about their experience before Nimble AMS:

“If only there were a way to get back the hours and years of staff time we wasted as a result of our old, inefficient system.”

– Meaghan M.

“Leaving a 20-year software package is not an easy decision to make, but if you have been handcuffed like we were with an AMS software system that would not play well with CRM then look no further.”

– David E.

“Too many clicks to get to the info you want.”

– Jennifer C.

“Wasn’t able to see real-time transactions and couldn’t see the full picture of how our members engage.”

– Tadu Y.

“We couldn’t find the right partner to be as innovative as we wanted to be.”

– Michael B.

“We were using 3 different systems for membership, registration, and our Sales team.”

– Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management.

“We weren’t able to move forward on many initiatives because it would have been either cost prohibitive or taken years to implement with our old AMS.”

– Casey H.

“As an Executive Director it is huge to not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on outside consultants just to make sure things don’t break with every upgrade. I can now spend that money on value-added things. It’s liberating. That was impossible in our old system.”

– Bruce M.

“In our previous AMS, we received a bill every time there was a reporting configuration change in the system.”

– Jaleen E.

“One of our biggest challenges was system upgrades. Although necessary, upgrades also resulted in breaks in database structures, internal processes, and increased spending just to restore functionality.”

– Nicole B.

“We came off of an AMS where we had to call the developer and pay them to make any change or even create a complex report.”

– Pamela S.

“We couldn’t quickly create advanced reports or review our data. We didn’t have a way to personalize the member experience.”

– Julie A.

“Our prior system lacked reliability and flexibility. It was down often, it was confusing to our clients, and it had very limited options for development.”

-Elizabeth W.

“Our staff was limited in their work and internal processes.”

– Chamber Admin

After switching to Nimble AMS…

Life got better. Imagine working smarter and more efficiently while managing your association.

Here is what associations had to say after switching to Nimble AMS:

“We have had tremendous success with our annual meeting registration that we just held. Two thousand attendees easily went through the system. Our staff has been able to use better efficiency with reporting. Able to see real-time transactions and get a better sense of the full picture of how our members are engaging with our organization, especially through registration.

We have been tremendously happy with this product. I recommend Nimble AMS for any association. We have been very happy.

– Tadu Y.

“Our association began using Nimble AMS in April 2021 and we have not looked back. It is user friendly and offers our organization the ability to gather and report more data than ever before. The report capabilities of the system have been outstanding and incredibly useful to us. Nimble AMS customer service has been timely and helpful when we present them with questions or concerns. We particularly like the amount of training and resources our staff have to get more familiar and proficient in using Nimble AMS.”

– Melissa M.

“Nimble AMS has been a vital component to running our organization for over 8 years. It is the most impressive SaaS Salesforce based platform for associations on the market. Completely customizable and scalable to your organization’s need. Nimble AMS will grow and adapt with you as your organization changes. I cannot speak more highly about the customer success and customer support teams at Nimble AMS. Truly a great team and partner!”

– ECC Admin

“Our members and staff love the new AMS and we have had nothing but great feedback from everyone who uses it. Nimble AMS’ team is truly dedicated to making their customers succeed and does what it takes to deliver. We have been extremely happy with our decision to go with Nimble AMS and if I had to do it all over again, would choose them with no hesitation.”

– Rich M.

“Nimble AMS’ frequent updates bring a lot of great features without the cost and hassle of most upgrades. Also, the Nimble AMS team is amazing!”

– Tom D.

“There are so many things that are impressive about Nimble AMS that it is hard to know where to start. We had numerous customizations to the platform and we were impressed at the Nimble AMS team’s ability to devise solutions that accomplished our needs. Although we experienced a team transition during our build, Nimble AMS was able to deliver the project within 90 days of our original timeline and within our budget. We were very pleased at the documentation and discovery process and how well it translated to the development. We had a lot of unique needs, and Nimble AMS was able to deliver.”

– Elizabeth W.

“Having Nimble AMS built on top of the power of Salesforce means it stays on pace with the newest technology advances. We manage memberships, events, registrations, committees, sponsorships, exhibitors, donations, and a large online community using Nimble AMS, and while we’re still learning the system, just 2 months post launch we’re already seeing great adoption of the new system from both internal staff and the community. It’s super powerful and configurable.”

– Karl H.

“…The system is flexible enough to meet any customized requirements. The reporting capabilities are great and the support team is very helpful. We have been able to quickly create advanced reports and review our data in ways we could not realize prior. Our members have a much more personalized user experience and the admin staff feels empowered to manage the system without much support.”

– Julie A.

“The automatic upgrades and ability to configure the system to exactly meet our needs have also been a great improvement over our previous system.”

– Verified Reviewer in IT

“We decided to go with Nimble AMS in 2014, and it has served us very well! We are a state dental association that was looking for a cutting-edge solution and Nimble has done everything we need it to do, plus some. Salesforce-based platform that is easy to use and highly customizable. I would recommend Nimble AMS, as it has worked out well for us!”

– MDS Admin

“… Nimble AMS is perfect for our organization, allowing us to keep our data clean and run efficient reports that help us better serve our members. The customer support has always been excellent.”

– Annabelle G.

“The best way for innovation is to pick the right partner. Nimble AMS has done that for us. The platform keeps getting better and better. We are very fortunate to have Nimble AMS. We continue to grow our offerings in Nimble Communities and reach higher levels of member engagement.”

– Michael B.

“We’ve enhanced our association ROI and strengthened our member value through digital transformation. We have seen the engagement level of members and prospects has increased by using Nimble AMS and we have also seen the engagement of staff grow as well. The knowledge we have gained about our member needs is allowing us to better serve our membership.”

– Nicole B.

“With any vendor we partner with, we look for a relationship that feels like the vendor is an extension of our staff, a vendor that is committed to working with us to find creative solutions to the problems we’re facing, and not just trying to sell us a product. With Nimble AMS we’ve found that and more. They’ve taken everything we’ve thrown at them – last- minute details, additions and changes to scope – and rolled with punches. Implementations are always a tremendous amount of work, but Nimble AMS made it as fun as it could possibly be.”

– Meaghan M.

“The key benefits for us when we switched to Nimble AMS were the improved functionality that comes with the Salesforce product, flexibility to integrate third party products and the ability to manage more of the configuration of our own processes and workflows. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Don B.

“We save hours of staff time with the automation. Reports are automatically sent daily and real-time updated info is always available on our computer or mobile devices.”

– David G.

“Our Executives have dashboards and reports fine-tuned to their needs. Adopting Nimble AMS has made our organization smarter by presenting data to our staff as opposed to having the staff dig for it. Nimble AMS has adopted Salesforce’s software update methodology meaning the next update is right around the corner. The system is always up-to-date, and the updates are painless.”

– Mike L.

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