Deliver more value to your members.

Competition for members’ time and focus has never been greater. Deliver new value to members in new ways and see the impact on your organization.

Nimble AMS is part of the Community Brands network of solutions, helping professional and trade associations deliver the most value possible to their members.Click below to explore:

Association Management

Event Management

Learning Management

What happens when you transform the member experience? They thrive and your organization continues to grow. Thousands of associations are transforming how they support their members through the Community Brands network of connected solutions.

Association Management

Attract, engage, and retain members.

Deliver member experiences that set your organization apart with the most in-demand AMS built 100% on Salesforce. Nimble AMS enables your organization to attract, engage, and retain members with continuous innovation, intelligent solutions, and amazing member experiences.

Career Centers

Help members advance their career.

Members are always looking for the right opportunity to fit their life and career goals. Younger members continually rate job opportunities as one of the greatest benefits associations can provide. Be the go-to career resource for your industry by delivering the most targeted and premium job opportunities. Leverage insights from your career center visitors to create a list of high-quality prospective members.

Event Management

Make virtual and in-person events more meaningful.

Events and networking are two of the top drivers of member engagement. Leverage AMS data to create event experiences that are personalized and frictionless for members and attendees. The complete set of event tech solutions will help you manage every aspect of your virtual or in-person event, while also leveraging key insights from Nimble AMS.

Learning Management

Connect members with learning that exceeds their expectations.

Career and learning opportunities are what motivate many members to join and renew. With a single e-commerce experience, present members with relevant learning courses that exceed their expectations. Insights from Nimble AMS can be used to deliver a personalized and enriched learner experience.

Discover how Nimble AMS and the network of connected association solutions can help you deliver more value to your members.

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Additional advantages of an end-to-end solution


With one system provider, you can significantly reduce operational expenses and track your costs more efficiently.

Exceptional visibility

One coherent system allows unmatched visibility across your association, so all areas of your operations have clear communication and data sharing.

Increased efficiency

By delivering greater automation for time- and labor-intensive processes, this solution increases productivity on an organization-wide level.

Faster resolutions

An end-to-end solution means you can identify and address issues more quickly, minimizing operational downtime.

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