Micro-moments and their mighty impact

Beth Farrar

August 10, 2021

    In today’s high-speed world, member engagement can be challenging. How do you connect with members when their attention is divided among so many places and activities?

    Enter the micro-moment.

    What are micro-moments?

    Most of us have our mobile phones within arm’s reach – every hour of every day. Micro-moments are those times when we turn, almost reflexively, to our mobile device (typically a smartphone) to search, read, and communicate when we have spare instants throughout the day.

    Why are micro-moments important to associations?

    Micro-moments are critical touchpoints in today’s consumer journey. They represent a big opportunity to connect with your customers (your members) when they’re looking for something.

    Four key micro-moments

    “I want to know” moments

    Curiosity can be triggered anywhere, by anything. At this stage, members are exploring or researching options, but haven’t decided yet if they want to take an action or make a purchase. They’re looking for useful information and inspiration.

    “I want to do” moments

    We seek “how-to” information for just about everything. These moments might come before or after a purchase. But either way, these members want help getting things done or trying something new. Being there with the right content and opportunities for them is critically important.

    “I want to go” moments

    Our digital lives help to connect us with the physical world. In this micro-moment, people are looking for a local business or considering buying a product near them. Your association should be considered during those moments.

    “I want to buy” moments

    These might be “micro”-moments, but they’re huge. At this point, a person is ready to make a purchase and seeking validation on what or how to buy. You must be right there with the right information to seal the deal.

    Member experience directly impacts member retention and loyalty.

    Discover the three fundamental keys to keeping members engaged with experiences that exceed expectations.

    How can your association take advantage of micro-moments?

    Micro-moments require you to deliver relevant messages clearly and concisely and provide value – within seconds. Otherwise, you might lose their attention as they move on to the next thing.

    To take advantage of micro-moments, start by putting yourself in your members’ shoes. Think about the micro-moments listed above, and ask yourself:

    • Do we offer valuable content during this stage?
    • Is it easy for members to find information?
    • Have we enabled them to move to the next stage?
    • Are we making these moments memorable (in a good way)?
    • Are we creating any obstacles, and if so, how can we remove them?

    Next, think of practical ways to provide value to your members when they’re seeking it. The key is to provide short, clear content and quick opportunities for interactions to help them do their own research, self-educate, and take action when they’re ready.

    A few examples:

    Use your online community to give members a convenient, one-stop place for information about your association’s member programs and services as well as a personalized news feed so they can find content quickly based on their interests and activities.

    Association management software from Nimble AMS includes online community functionality, which allows you to easily set up and host a vibrant online member community.

    Another way to use your online community for micro-moment engagement: Give members a place to quickly engage with other members on topics that are important to them by setting up discussion groups in your online community.

    For example, set up groups for various career stages (from student and early careerists to mid- and late careerists) as well as groups for trending industry topics. This will give members a place to engage immediately when they want to interact with others to find answers or network.

    Put artificial intelligence to work so you can deliver relevant information to them – perhaps even before they realize they want or need it. For example, you can use Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder in Nimble AMS to determine which of your members are good candidates for your certification program, and then send them a quick summary of highly relevant learning/certification opportunities.

    Learn how Nimble AMS can delight members, improve staff efficiency, and drive organizational growth.

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