Maximize your success with Nimble AMS Training

Product features and functionality are important, but your organization’s success and empowerment rely heavily on training and being empowered with your new AMS. To ensure you are utilizing Nimble AMS to its fullest, our training team offers training during implementation and after you go live.

Product Training Benefits


Increase user confidence


Decrease dependence on product support


Boost staff buy-in


Develop valuable Salesforce expertise


Increase efficiency


Realize a faster ROI


Minimize user errors

Implementation Training

Implementation training incorporates the entire period a client is in the “build” stage of implementing Nimble AMS. Clients have multiple training sessions as a part of their journey towards Go-Live for a comprehensive understanding of their unique implementation of the product and your specific implementation.

Ongoing Training

Scheduled training classes are held virtually or in Nimble AMS offices. They are perfect for clients with new hires or in need of re-training. Classes cover a variety of topics, from accounting to reporting, and our dedicated Nimble AMS training team is always developing and considering new course options.

Clients can also schedule more personal training sessions that are built around client-specific configurations. These can be small or large group trainings offered over one or multiple days, depending on your exact needs.

Xperience User Conference

Xperience brings together users of Community Brands products for three days of industry collaboration and innovation. This unique event provides training sessions specific to Nimble AMS, as well as continuing education sessions, thought leadership sessions, and opportunities to network with other Nimble AMS users.

Additional Customer Resources

If you are looking for ways to learn and explore more on your own, there are several options:

Nimble AMS Help Site

The Help Site offers searchable product documentation that is continuously updated as Nimble AMS evolves.


The online community, powered by Salesforce Communities, connects you to other Nimble AMS customers and to the Nimble AMS team where you can post questions, get answers, and share ideas.

Salesforce Trailhead

An online learning environment from Salesforce that offers developers, administrators, and users guided learning paths and interactive tutorials. Best of all? It’s free!
“From a Nimble AMS client perspective, training in your new AMS needs to be a top priority, it’s about more than just staff taking a class or two after your system goes live. It’s an integral part of the entire AMS implementation, and should be an ongoing initiative to ensure successful adoption.””
Nicole Bowen

Digital Solutions Architect, Massachusetts Dental Society

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