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Nimble AMS is leading associations into a bold new future of innovation and technology. Innovation that can and will transform your members’ experience with the association and the way your staff works.

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Learn why leading associations trust Nimble AMS built on Salesforce.

Why Choose a Salesforce-based AMS?


Powerful platform

A Salesforce-based association management system allows you to handle diverse tasks from event registration to dues management and reporting, all in one integrated, powerful system.

Efficient and easy to use

As the leading customer relationship management (CRM) option for nonprofits, associations and many other organizations, Salesforce delivers all the capabilities you need for efficient, coordinated management of your association

Reporting, automation, & configuration

The Salesforce platform gives you the power to build reports, automations, and more through point-and-click configuration. Get the flexibility you need fulfill your mission and exceed your goals.

Seriously loved by association professionals.


Jake Adler

Chief Technology Officer, AASH

“Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce, is the foundation for anything we can think of. We’ve been able to automate hundreds of processes, which saves our staff countless hours each day.”
Stephanie Mercado

CAE, CEO and Executive Director, National Association for Healthcare Qua

“Earlier this year, we transitioned to a new association management system, Nimble AMS. It’s a robust resource that comes with an app that allows me to access various dashboards at any time, any place…”

Leverage Salesforce CRM for your association

Together, Salesforce and Nimble AMS have the future-forward capabilities that empower associations to fulfill their mission at the highest level possible. With Nimble AMS, life is better.

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