Research Study

Association Trends 2020

From Disruption
to Opportunity

How a global crisis has shifted member expectations.

2020 was a wild ride,
where do you go from here?

We know you are working harder than ever before. We’ve got your back with brand new insights on…

  • How associations have been responding to this year’s challenges
  • What trends have emerged with member preferences
  • And, what both association professionals and members think lies ahead

This report will help guide your association’s strategies and give you actionable takeaways to increase engagement and loyalty.

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Insight 1


Showing your members that your association understands their changing needs is a great way to develop loyal members and continue to show the value your organization can provide. This year has been tough, and creating a friendly, personalized experience that helps a member can go a long way.


Targeted, valuable content entered the top 10 valued benefits for early careerists

Late careerists continue to value targeted, valuable content


You don’t need an Amazon-sized staff or budget to get started with personalization. Using a platform-based AMS, associations can personalize the member experience in multiple ways, including live chat, automations, AI-enhance e-commerce, and more.

Insight 2


In the current economic environment, networking has taken on a new level of importance. However, the opportunities to network have shifted as in-person events continue to move online.

Networking increased 14 spots in importance to early careerists


Mid-careerists now consider networking in their top 10 valued benefits


Association members are looking to connect, learn and engage with their peers and colleagues virtually and in-person. With Nimble Communities, you can connect your members to the digital community they need throughout their member journey to learn, share ideas and become loyal advocates.

Insight 3

Fueling Innovation

The growth of your industry and your organization go hand-in-hand. Fueling this growth requires continuous innovation within the industry, resulting in expansion of your potential membership base.

Fueling innovation increased three spots in importance to members

The sixth most value member benefit to early careerists is fueling innovation


Break the status quo with an AMS that’s as innovative as your organization and the industry you serve. An AMS that is built on an innovative platform empowers your association to utilize new and emerging technology to carry out your mission.

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