The Association’s Guide to Gen Z Members

How to build a sponsorship program toolkit

Is your association looking for ways to boost your ties with Gen Z members?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, projects Gen Z to account for 30% of the workforce, totaling 61 million individuals, by 2030.   

Connecting with and investing in Gen Z professionals ensures a bright future for member engagement and retention.  

Here’s what you’ll learn with this on-demand toolkit:

  • How to leverage the top five reasons members join organizations to boost engagement and retention at your association 
  • Tips on how to welcome and connect with early careerists 
  • How to engage early careerists with your learning program 
  • Five ways to improve your connection with young professionals at your association 

What’s included

Engage and retain younger members at your association
Six tips to attract younger members to join your association
Five tips to improve your connection with Gen Z members

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