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How Nimble AMS fuels data driven insights for innovative associations

According to Community Brands research, 55% of associations say it’s a top priority to invest in business intelligence and data analytics. By leveraging predictive analytics tools, you’ll have data you can trust and intelligent insights to help you make smarter, faster decisions.

For 10 years, Salesforce has fostered Artificial Intelligence innovation, now delivering more than a trillion weekly customer predictions. Since 2019, Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce, has leveraged Einstein AI, focusing on association-specific use cases for predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help you do more with your data. With Nimble AMS pre-built dashboards and predictive solutions, you’ll have a starting place from day one, ultimately leading to being more proactive instead of reactive in your decision making.

Learn how Nimble AMS puts you in control of your data!

With the right tools, including predictive analytics and robust reports and dashboards you can become a data-driven organization, advancing your mission and exceeding your goals. Nimble AMS makes it easy to prioritize your data, moving your association forward with crucial insights.

What will you learn?

See how Nimble AMS pre-built reports and dashboards can provide actionable insights with quick, accurate, and powerful analytics

Learn how Nimble AMS predictive analytics + Salesforce Einstein AI empowers associations to be proactive and make data-driven decisions

Take your data to the next level with Nimble Intelligence and discover strategies to advance your mission, while driving member engagement, retention, and recruitment

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