On-Demand Webinar

Why you should love Salesforce Person Accounts

Every association has their own, unique membership structure. With the power of Salesforce Person Accounts, Nimble AMS offers individual, corporate, hybrid membership types—helping your organization optimize all membership structures.

Trailblazing member-based organizations trust in Salesforce Person Accounts and Nimble AMS to transform their organization.

Join us for this on-demand webinar to unleash the power of Person Accounts for member-based organizations.

Takeaways include:

Why Salesforce (and Nimble AMS) loves Person Accounts

How Salesforce is future-proofing organizations by leveraging Salesforce core functionality

Why Person Accounts are the best data model for member-based organizations

Real success stories from Nimble AMS clients that transformed their organization with Person Accounts


Jeffrey Golembiewski

VP, Business Solutions & Partnerships

Nicole Adair

Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

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