Nimble AMS 101

An Introduction to the fastest growing membership software built on Salesforce

Webinar Preview

Nimble Association Management Software (AMS) helps you manage every aspect of your association while leveraging the power of the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. From creating and managing a stellar membership experience to processing orders, managing events, and analyzing your organization’s data, Nimble AMS helps your entire team succeed.

Watch this webinar for an introduction to Nimble AMS by Community Brands. You’ll learn:

  • How Nimble AMS fits in the Salesforce ecosystem and what that means for your association
  • How Nimble AMS and Salesforce work together to empower association staff, improve efficiency, and continuously provide the latest tools and innovation to all customers
  • What makes Nimble AMS unique and the differentiators that set Nimble AMS apart from competitors


Headshot-Jeff G Jeff Golembiewski
Director of Product Enablement
Nimble AMS by Community Brands


Watch the webinar on-demand!

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