How associations easily use predictive analytics with Nimble AMS

Powerful predictive analytics that keep you one step ahead.

You might think that predictive analytics seems too techy and out of reach to be practical for your association. But while it used to be something that only IT departments could tackle, modern technology that enables predictive analytics, including artificial intelligence (AI), has become so much easier to use that anyone in the organization can put it to work.

What can your association do with predictive analytics?
Predictive analytics helps you recruit and retain members, while increasing revenue.

Join Nimble AMS for an on-demand 20-minute webinar to learn:

  • What predictive analytics is and how it works
  • 6 practical examples of what predictive analytics can help you accomplish
  • Easy ways to get going with predictive analytics
  • How to get started on your predictive analytics journey with Nimble AMS

How do you get started with it at your association? Watch now!

Presented by

Rob Banwar
Association Advocate
Community Brands


Steve Werner
Association Software Expert
Community Brands


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