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Trailblazing the Path to Success: Nimble AMS & YM Careers Integration

According to Community Brands 2023 Association Trends Study, only one-third or less of members rate their professional membership organization’s use of technology to provide benefits and services to members as “excellent”.

This insight points to a need and opportunity for organizations to prioritize the use of innovative technology to provide members with the experience they seek.

Join the Nimble AMS and YM Careers teams on September 19th at 2pm EST to experience how to trailblaze the path to success with Nimble AMS and YM Careers.

Pairing career center software with an AMS built on a CRM can help you:

Attract Prospective Members:

Learn how to turn non-members into dues-paying members.

Engage and Retain Members:

Leverage the data in your AMS to personalize the member experience.

Drive More Revenue:

Integrating Nimble AMS and YM Careers allows your organization to analyze the data in your AMS for potential revenue opportunities.


Olivia Elrod

Solution Engineer, Nimble AMS

Mike Kumpf

Director of Enterprise Sales, YM Careers

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