2022 Association Trends Study

The Big Reveal

The Future-Focused Member Experience

Why you need to adopt modern technology to create
a member-centric association.

Is your AMS built to enhance the member experience (MX)?

Research Study

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After more than two years of ups, downs, twists and turns, the focus on technology and member experience has never been greater. So just how are association leaders using technology, managing their IT spend, and addressing evolving member expectations?

We reveal insights into why the powerful connection between innovative technology and member loyalty remains critical to modern associations. What you’ll learn:

  • Your members’ new attitudes and outlooks toward technology
  • Technology’s powerful impact on member loyalty
  • Key technology trends that all association leaders should know about
  • Action items aimed at providing greater member value and a more positive member experience

This study, with data collected from hundreds of association leaders and a thousand members, will help guide your strategies and give you actionable take-aways to drive more engagement and loyalty.

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Insight 1

Level up your use of technology to enhance member loyalty

The link between technology and a superior MX is stronger than ever.


72% of Members who perceive their association as an early adopter of technology report high satisfaction with their organization


Only 24% of Members rate their association as an early tech adopter and excellent in delivering MX

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To ensure member loyalty remains strong, your organization needs to invest in modern technology.

Insight 2

Get serious about data analytics to drive MX

Associations continue to recognize the necessity of data analytics, but many organizations don’t have the proper tools to deliver the leading MX in their industry.


One-in-four Pros report having a data governance plan


Four in ten Pros report having a data governance plan

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Implementing a modern AMS system like Nimble AMS can transform how your organization manages member data—delivering an excellent experience for staff and members.

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The Big Reveal: 2022 Association Trends Report

The results are in! Join Community Brands and Edge Research for a deep dive into the comprehensive findings of the 2022 Association Trends Study: The Future-Focused Member Experience, the only industry research report with sentiments from both members and association professionals. During this on-demand webinar, we revealed insights into what shifts have emerged in member value and shined a light on focus areas for association professionals moving forward.