Nine ways to leverage innovative technology at your association’s next event.

Find out how Nimble AMS can transform your events into exceptional experiences for both staff and members.

Since events are one of the most effective ways to drive non-dues revenue to your association and boost member engagement, upgrading to a modern software with event management capabilities, like Nimble AMS, is vital.

In this guide, we’ll cover how Nimble AMS can help elevate your events by:

Streamlining event registration.

Modernize your registration process for both staff and members.

Offering innovative pricing tiers.

Make it easy for your employees to offer member-specific perks and drive non-dues revenue.

Building microsites to showcase events.

Use point-and-click configuration to build a custom-branded content page.

And more.

Use this guide to find out how Nimble AMS can eliminate event planning stress at your organization.

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