How to personalize the member experience

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Here’s something to think about: Your members’ last great online experience is their new expectation.

So, even if their last experience was with a personalization powerhouse like Amazon or Netflix (highly likely), that experience sets the bar for their experience with your association.

Chances are that your association wants to provide a personalized member experience. It’s understandable considering recent research findings like these:

  • The Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report shows that 41 to 50 percent (depending on generation) say they generally ignore communications from companies unless they are personalized.
  • In the Community Brands Digital Evolution Study, 65 percent of members said they are interested in personalization, with 79 percent saying it is very or somewhat important that their organization provide targeted, valuable content.
  • The Digital Evolution Study also shows that 52 percent of those working at professional membership organizations (“Pros”) say they are interested in personalization.

Showing your members that your association understands, and is keeping up with, their expectations is a great way to develop loyal members throughout every stage of their career and their membership with your organization. But how do you get started?

Download our tip sheet to discover:
  • Ways to leverage your association technology to support personalization initiatives
  • Examples of potential touchpoints where the right technology can provide a memorable experience for your members and how the pieces work together
  • Questions to ask yourself to get you started

Download the tip sheet

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