The Association's Guide to All Things Salesforce

What association professionals should know about the leading CRM platform.

Discover three important questions to ask when evaluating a Salesforce-based AMS.

Many membership-based organizations are moving to an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) platform as the foundation for their association management software (AMS).

One reason for this trend is a company building an AMS solution on a CRM platform can focus on delivering the functionality associations need without having to build their own CRM technology. Yet, their customers still have access to CRM features.

CRM is critically important to associations. Knowing your members and tracking interactions with them, collaborating with your staff to deliver a better member experience, and gaining useful business intelligence on membership trends are more important than ever before.

As the leader in CRM, Salesforce serves as the foundation for a modern AMS that puts members at the heart of an association’s activities. In fact, in a report about CRM suites, Forrester named Salesforce as a leader in CRM, largely because it “puts the customer at the center of its vision.”

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  • Why Salesforce Person Accounts are the preferred data model for associations
  • Three questions to ask potential vendors when selecting a Salesforce-based AMS
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