The Association's Guide to All Things Salesforce

What association professionals should know about the leading CRM platform.

Many membership-based organizations are moving to an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) platform as the foundation for their association management software (AMS).

One reason for this trend is a company building an AMS solution on a CRM platform can focus on delivering the functionality associations need without having to build their own CRM technology. Yet, their customers still have access to CRM features.

CRM is critically important to associations. Knowing your members and tracking interactions with them, collaborating with your staff to deliver a better member experience, and gaining useful business intelligence on membership trends are more important than ever before.

Salesforce Is the CRM Leader

As the leader in CRM, Salesforce serves as the foundation for a modern AMS that puts members at the heart of an association’s activities. In fact, in a report about CRM suites, Forrester named Salesforce as a leader in CRM, largely because it “puts the customer at the center of its vision.”

This powerful system optimizes your processes and allows you to maintain streamlined communication all across your organization. Because it will enable customized integrations and features, it delivers a highly efficient solution that works with your unique needs. When you choose Salesforce, you’ll have a trusted source for your requirements, whatever they may be. 

The Salesforce platform features exceed your system requirements, allowing you to automate more processes, free up your personnel to focus on other priorities and ensure clear communication across teams and departments. Whatever your needs, you can depend on Salesforce as the trusted leader in serving associations like yours.

Features of AMS Built on Cloud-Based CRM Platform

Choosing a membership software in Salesforce offers you a wide variety of advantages. Salesforce is a true cloud-based platform that optimizes your organizational operations and helps your association grow and innovate as technology evolves. In today’s markets, enterprise cloud platforms are increasingly common as a trusted solution for organizations. These systems provide flexibility and security with an advanced CRM to connect your association on every level.

Salesforce platforms offer robust features to meet your needs:

  • Multitenant functionality: The platform can serve multiple customers while running a single instance on a server, creating a secure and highly cost-effective operating solution.
  • Vendor hosting: Because the vendor hosts the software, you can rely on them to maintain and manage it.
  • Seamless upgrades: The true cloud platform allows Salesforce to easily enhance the system with innovations. Simultaneously, it gives users universal access to the same, updated version.

Create Easy-to-Build Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce reports and dashboards deliver the critical data you need to make adjustments and keep your operations running optimally. From community participation to your organization’s overall health, you can access a diverse set of features to match your requirements and track your association’s progress.

Instead of needing to have your IT team run reports, you can conveniently access them on your own through the intuitive Salesforce platform. You can also access your analytics from anywhere, including on your mobile device. If you need reports at certain times, you have the option to schedule and share them with yourself and other team members. With Salesforce association management, you have in-depth data at your fingertips.

Download this guide to discover:

  • How Salesforce handles upgrades and the benefits of the continuous upgrade model
  • How Salesforce ensures your data is secure and running smoothly
  • Why Salesforce Person Accounts are the preferred data model for associations
  • Three questions to ask potential vendors when selecting a Salesforce-based AMS
  • And more!

See a Demo of an AMS Built-in Salesforce

At Nimble AMS, our goal is to provide trusted technological solutions and ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your association. We understand the demands your industry navigates, and we offer tailored services to address them. Whatever your business goals, we can partner with you to simplify your requirements and optimize your efficiency across the organization while more effectively meeting your members’ needs.

To help you move forward, we provide a wide range of resources like the webinar below to help you find the best solutions for your needs. Explore our Salesforce CRM system demo and check out our guide on Salesforce to learn more about all this platform has to offer for your organization.

Download the guide

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See what our customers have to say about Nimble AMS

“We’re able to process memberships and run reports so much faster with Nimble AMS. We also worked with the Nimble AMS team to build an AI-driven solution that automatically identifies members at risk of lapsing, and then helps us take quick action to save the memberships. All of this has led to return on our investment sooner than we expected."

Jaclyn Baird, Director of Membership Services, MCA&F

"We have been using Nimble AMS for over three years and it continues to pay dividends. The staff has detailed membership information on one screen and no longer must drill down endlessly, saving time and increasing productivity. Our Executives have dashboards and reports fine-tuned to their needs. The system is always up-to-date, and the updates are painless."

Mike Lakas, VP, Operations and IT, American Foundry Society

“If someone asked me if they should switch to Nimble AMS, I’d tell them to do it in a heartbeat. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my position at NASPA.”

Courtney Patterson, Senior Director, Information Management and Constituent Experience, NASPA

“With Nimble AMS, we now have easier and more reliable access to our member data. We can configure the system to meet our needs. And since it’s cloud-based, with easy product upgrades, we don’t have to worry about maintaining and updating it.”

J. Rex Brown, Director of Information Services, PEI

“Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce, is the foundation for anything we can think of. We’ve been able to automate hundreds of processes, which saves our staff countless hours each day.”

Jake Adler, Chief Technology Officer, ASSH

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