The Association IT Director’s Guide to

Understanding CRM-based Association Management Software

Thumbnail - Guide to Understanding CRM-Based Association Management Software
Your choice of association management software (AMS) is a big one. It’s instrumental in the long-term success of your organization.

Here’s why: Your association’s efforts to innovate and remain relevant with your members require modern technology to make your organization more effective at delivering the experience your members expect. And, the ability for your AMS to help your organization stay relevant depends heavily on the platform on which the AMS is built.

So, an important question to consider is this: What technology should your association invest in?

To start, think “an AMS built on an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) cloud platform.” That’s a mouthful. But, simply put, enterprise cloud platform technologies have transformed the AMS landscape. Today’s associations can now move beyond legacy AMS systems to those built on modern enterprise CRM cloud platforms that leverage modern technological innovation.

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