A Helpful Switch

Matt Reiner

January 26, 2017

    In early 2016, we began evaluating how easily our customers could find answers on the Nimble AMS help site. We started by speaking with our customers about how they like to search for information on the internet, and what types of content they find most helpful. We had conversations with users at different technical levels and job roles and found a few striking similarities in what everyone needed most.

    Just Google It

    It may not surprise you—it didn’t us—that people just want to search for something on their favorite search engine and find the results easily. Our customers also made it clear that great search on a site itself is highly important. They want to enter a search in terms that makes sense to them and find what they’re looking for within the first, or sometimes, the second search. ​


    With these two requests in mind, we began to look at the help site for Nimble AMS and realized very quickly we needed to do a much better job with search. First of all, the help content was not written in a way that was optimized for search, both on or off the site. Secondly, the platform we were using to write and publish the content was difficult to use, which meant it was harder to publish new, more searchable, content.

    Something Better

    With this in mind, we investigated alternatives that would both improve our ability to write and publish good help content and our customers ability to find it. We found our answer in Confluence, which is team collaboration software from Atlassian, and Scroll Versions, which is a technical writing and publishing add-on from K15t.

    The Switch

    We’ve been very pleased with the results of the change, and invite you to check out the full story of our switch on K15t’s blog. Also, be sure to check out the new and improved Nimble AMS Help Site.

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